Les Lutins | 14'000'000 CHF | 352 m²

Chalet with an excellent location in Verbier.

Les Lutins has a unique building, design and interior standard, with an excellent location in Verbier, – ski in and out facilities and 10-15 min walk from the main village. The chalet was built in 2002 in a traditional Swiss design and with the highest quality materials. It is a concrete base construction with old stones, stonefloors and wood throughout the chalet. The land area is 1284 m² after the purchase of the neighbouring Iand, with an unused building right above surface of 190 m². The normal living area is 352 m² and the large garage, wine cellar, laundry, storage and technical area is 140 m². It has a spacious garages and storage areas. Les Lutins also has a splendid garden with an amazing view.

Facts about the property

  • Building year: 2002
  • Rooms: 5 beds & 4 baths
  • Living area: 352 m²
  • Land area: 1284 m²
  • Price: 14’000’000 CHF
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