Yoga classes for everyone

by | Jul 12, 2017 | Being a skier – Young or old !!!

For all those stiff bodies, after skiing and cycling there is a fantastic option to keep in shape and in Verbier Wholeycow offers a broad range of classes from the dynamic and energetic to the serene and calming – something for everybody, every day.​

​As sports enthusiasts, we all want to enhance performance and prevent injury. One of the best ways to do this is through a regular yoga practise. Yoga provides a counterbalance to other activities which often create stress within our joints and muscles. Yoga helps to create efficient body patterns which can prevent injury and re-balance the body.
Like you, we strive to be physically the best we can be, however, we all know that this alone is not the key to a happy and balanced life. The founders of wholeycow have experienced the physical, mental and emotional benefits of a regular yoga practice. Our commitment to yoga provides a strong physical and mental foundation, so that no matter what challenges present themselves, we are able to clear our minds and release stress.
We offer a variety of yoga classes to suit your needs and fit in with your daily activities. In our dynamic Vinyasa classes, you will find sequences of poses linked in a flowing and creative way which whilst sometimes challenging, are always accessible.  In our Hatha yoga style classes, you will focus on alignment and holding stretches for longer periods of time. In our Ashtanga classes, you will find a dynamic practice that fuses the breath with a set sequence of postures. All our classes will help develop strength, flexibility and awareness.
Our yoga teachers are all available for private classes in our studio or at your accommodation.
Check out the prices and timetable here:


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