The Verbier Life|Breathtaking natural beauty|A haven for winter sports

Verbier has it all. World-famous for its beauty, fun and luxury, the village is buzzing
all-year-round with residents and tourists alike. Go skiing, snowboarding or paragliding.
Or enjoy the stunning Alpine scenery when walking, climbing or biking.

The perfect location

For discreet living, offering an unrivalled standard of
building in the traditional luxury chalet style.

Verbier Properties

Stylish and cosy interior design makes Verbier properties
a highly desirable investment.


Verbier by night

Is as enchanting at night as in the day.
Enjoy night skiing under the Verbier sky and stars.

Welcome Home

Allow us to help you find your dream home.



Contact for Real Estate

Pyret Renvall
Telephone: ‭+41 79 347 1160‬ Mail:
Rue de Médran 5, CH-1936 Verbier

Contact for Real Estate

Sven du Gay
Telephone: +41 27 565 78 10 Mail:
Rue de Médran 5, CH-1936 Verbier

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Per Renvall
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Contact for Rentals

Simon Billennes
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